Using TeacherTube and eduCanon to Flip

Using TeacherTube and eduCanon to Flip

January 24th, 2014

There has been a lot of research coming out lately in support of flipped learning – whether it has been showing that it increased student engagement and performance at Byron High School or how it led to improved pass rates for at-risk students at Clintondale High School. And while the case for the flipped learning model has become more and more compelling as of late, there are still some challenges in a flipped setting because you, the teacher, are disassociated from your student’s viewing experience. As a result, it is hard to keep students engaged with the lecture. It is hard to tell what concepts in the video challenged your students.  And more basically, it is hard to tell whether students even watched the video. Thankfully, there are some tools to help you with that.


TeacherTube Helps EduCannon with API


Keeping Students Engaged 

Multimedia presentations are more effective when students can interact with the the content – whether that is pausing, rewinding or, more powerfully, applying their newly gained knowledge. eduCanon is a free tool that lets you take any of the high-quality, educational video content you find on TeacherTube (among other sources) and transform it into an interactive experience for students through time-embedded formative assessments. Time-embedded questions not only let students check their understanding as the video progresses, but also break the presentation down into shorter, digestible segments giving the learner more control of their learning experience.


Monitoring Student Comprehension of Video

 Your time is precious. You don’t want to waste class time determining whether your students watched the video and the concepts they struggled with. eduCanon helps you increase the amount of time you spend in the class interacting with your students and guiding them through the learning process. As your students respond to your questions, you are given an easy to digest question-by-question breakdown of their responses that allows you to instantly see which students are having trouble and which concepts need re-teaching.


It is easy to get started. It takes, as users attest to, less than 15 minutes to embed questions into the TeacherTube of your choosing. Register for free at

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