Teaching Tech to Teachers: Classroom Technology Programs & Certificates

September 26th, 2013 | by Michelle Manno
Teaching Tech to Teachers: Classroom Technology Programs & Certificates

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We recently discussed ways that teachers can bring technology into the classrooms as a teaching tool. However, this discussion of continued integration of technology is not only for teachers to educate their students, but also for teachers to educate themselves.

There is a rise in teacher education programs and seminars incorporating “tech-readiness” into their curricula, allowing teachers to become well-versed in contemporary classroom technology and preparing them to integrate technology into their daily routine. However, simply providing teachers with access to the latest in-class technology only does so much. Successful integration of educational technology involves providing teachers with training and professional development opportunities.

Go Back to School

In today’s increasingly competitive teaching job market, getting your degree in educational technology not only provides you with invaluable skills and experience, but also looks great on your resume. Below is a list of graduate certificates and Masters programs designed to provide teachers with the skills and experience necessary for teaching and learning in the 21st century.

  • M.A. Digital Media Design for Learning, New York University

    NYU’s Master of Arts Program in Digital Media Design for Learning is aimed at students who wish to design technology and media for different learning environments and/or for those students who wish to pursue a career researching how people learn through technology. You do not need a teaching degree or classroom experience to apply to this program.

  • M.S. Games for Learning, New York University

    NYU’s Master of Science Program in Games for Learning is aimed at students who wish to create, use, and evaluate digital games for learning in both formal and informal environments. You do not need a background in teaching or programing to apply to this program. This program of study is especially useful with today’s emerging “edutainment” field which focuses on using video games to enhance student learning.

  • Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) Program, George Washington University

    GW’s ETL program is offered through both a Masters Degree track and Graduate Certificate track. Both programs of study are delivered completely online. The ETL Graduate Certificate program offers programs in the following six (6) areas: e-Learning, Instructional Design, Multimedia Development, Training & Educational Technology, Leadership in Educational Technology, and Integrating Technology in Education. ETL’s Masters Degree program prepares students for educational technology leadership roles in areas such as K-12 schools, higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Visit the Educational Technology Leadership Program for more information.

  • Certificate in Educational Technology Integration, Penn State: Online

    Penn State’s online Educational Technology certificate program provides teachers with skills aimed to improve their usage of the internet and technology in both formal and informal learning environments, offering courses such as “Using the Internet in the Classroom” and “Systematic Instructional Development for Teachers.” This program is available to those hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.

Learn Online

Not looking to re-enroll in school? Here is a list of online resources available to teachers and school professionals who are looking to become well-versed in the latest classroom technologies:

  • ed2go: “Integrating Technology in the Classroom”

    Ed2go’s course “Integrating Technology in the Classroom” is an online professional development course aimed at teaching teachers how to comfortably and effectively integrate technology into their classrooms through mediums such as podcasts, blogs, and wikis. This program also highlight how technology can be used to reach students in programs such as Special Education, ESL (English as a Second Language), and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

  • EdTechTeacher

    EdTechTeacher is a professional development organization that offers keynote presentations, online courses, and hands-on workshops to teachers and schools who are looking to implement innovative technology, tools, and strategies in the classroom.

  • iTunes U

    iTunes U is a portion of the iTunes Apple store that allows individual to download free educational content from colleges, universities, and non-profit educational organizations. Podcasts such as “As We May Teach: Technology, from Theory to Practice” and TeacherCast University’s “Tips & Tricks About Educational Technology” provide teachers and educators with free content related to implementing technology into the classroom.

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