TeacherTube Terror: Popular Halloween Videos from TeacherTube Members

October 29th, 2013

Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for students and teachers alike. Students look forward to this day as a chance to let their imaginations run wild, express their creativity, eat treats (of course), and partake in a centuries’ long tradition of spooky good times! During the school day, it is a chance to take a break from the everyday routine, show off their costumes, and bond with classmates in fun, productive ways.

Seeing students in their costumes and being a part of the special joy children experience on this day is highly rewarding for teachers, and one of the reasons Halloween can be so exciting! Even though Halloween is a day for fun, however, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on an opportunity to continue educating your students. Remember: the best teachers can turn any moment into a teachable moment. Whether through a history lesson, a reading exercise, an art project, or some fun puzzles and games, Halloween can still be a highly educational event.

Our members here at TeacherTube love Halloween, and many have put together videos and resources to mark the occasion. So, in the spooky spirit of the holiday, check out five great Halloween videos uploaded by TeacherTube members in the last month!

1st Grade Class Halloween Story

Uploaded by natspad

This fantastic video from Ms. Spadafora’s class tells the story of the Halloween Dance: an illustrated tale that was drawn and narrated by the first grade students.


Uploaded by crmslangarts

Mrs. Waters created an excellent resource for history and language arts teachers: not only does this video tell the history and cultural impact of Halloween, but it also incorporates grammar and vocabulary words.

Miss. Harrell’s Spooky Pumpkin Video

Uploaded by lharrell3

Miss Harrell’s spooky faux trailer for a pumpkin-themed horror movie showcases the great work her students did in creating their own pumpkins.

Myrtle Plantation Ghosts

Uploaded by seasstudent

Member seasstudent’s video, “Myrtle Plantation Ghosts,” demonstrates some creative student work illustrating a scary ghost story, set to the classic tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Trick or Treat

Uploaded by crmslangarts

Another great video from Mrs. Waters, Trick or Treat opens a serious and productive discussion with students about the risks and responsibilities associated with the tradition of trick or treating, and how students can enjoy themselves carefully on Halloween.

Do you have a Halloween video that we didn’t mention here? We want to see it! Feel free to share your videos in the comments below, or to share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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