TeacherTube + mysimpleshow: A Match Made in the Principal’s Office

TeacherTube + mysimpleshow: A Match Made in the Principal’s Office

October 21st, 2016


So, we were called into the local principal’s office and dismissed after discussing this great plan: TeacherTube and mysimpleshow joining forces in order to keep offering free educational videos to teachers as well as a video-generating tool, which will aid in expanding the teacher community.

Just kidding. Kind of. There was no meeting in a principal’s office, but…teacher joke! Haha, right?

On a serious note – by this point you’re probably wondering what exactly mysimpleshow is and how it can help teachers, students, and provide educational content for TeacherTube’s users. Well, mysimpleshow is an online video-creation tool that allows users to easily produce their own professional-quality explainer videos in a short time, and for free. Users can write new scripts, or upload their PowerPoints into the tool to create a video even quicker. But why mysimpleshow?

mysimpleshow aligns with TeacherTube’s goals to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos and fostering a safe community for teachers, educators, schools, and students; at any time, from any place. TeacherTube offers access to thousands of wonderful educational resources in various formats, and mysimpleshow will contribute to the digital media category in the form of videos – educational explainer videos, at that.


Currently on TeacherTube, teachers can post and manage their own personal videos so students can watch them and learn a skill or concept. With mysimpleshow, teachers will be able to create their own educational videos using the tool to explain a topic, and upload them to TeacherTube. How exactly does it work, you ask?

mysimpleshow was created with educators in mind as it is known that time is a luxury for teachers. It’s quick and easy to use due to the tool’s clear structural guidelines in each of its many storyline templates, which range in subject areas so all teachers can utilize the tool. Storylines include explaining a law, explaining a historical event, introducing a biological process, and even presenting a CV. Storyline templates fall under educational, professional, and personal use.


Once a storyline is selected and text is entered, the tool then visualizes the text automatically, but there are plenty of modification options. After the text and visuals are finalized, the result is a a professional video – with a voiceover!

There’s also a PowerPoint import feature, which is even quicker than choosing the storyline option. Using this feature, the tool extracts the most relevant information from a PowerPoint instead of prompting the user to write something new, and visuals are then generated. Text and visuals can still be polished up and personalized using this option, of course 🙂


Luckily, the tool’s benefits for educators don’t stop there. As moving from traditional to digital classrooms through the flipped classrooms ideology is becoming more and more popular, incorporating mixed media into lessons in order to support diverse classroom strategies become easier with mysimpleshow. Combining TeacherTube Classrooms with mysimpleshow will provide immeasurable aid to teachers when flipping their classrooms, creating an online presence, and connecting to students and parents. mysimpleshow also aids in catering to different learning styles identified by the Vark model, as well as developing multiple types of knowledge.

The tool also allows teachers to enhance their presentations with relevant video content, assign more enjoyable homework and in-class activities to students, explain common classroom procedures at the click of a button, or communicate messages to parents and other staff. Some teachers have used the tool as a video supplement to traditional book reports as well as lab reports.

So, TeacherTube joining forces with mysimpleshow can only benefit the education community worldwide as we can teach and explain the world together. Make a video to test it out!

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