November in Review: Our Most Viewed Videos Last Month

November in Review: Our Most Viewed Videos Last Month

December 5th, 2013

The holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving has passed, Hanukkah is well underway, and Christmas is in three weeks from today. Many of you are preparing to bring things to a close for the semester or the marking period, and looking ahead to how you can engage your students in the new year. Before school closes for break, take a look at the most viewed TeacherTube videos of November as a source of inspiration for planning your lessons for January and beyond!

Alley Cat seated

Uploaded by Mariecrosby

This video demonstrates a fun little physical exercise that can be used as a short break during class to refocus your students and get their blood flowing. It can even help them hone their hand-eye coordination–and the best part is, they don’t even have to leave their seats! Watch as this member leads her students in the activity!

7 Wonders “Scratch-N-Sniff”

Uploaded by dpeel

This engaging slideshow aims to educate students about the legendary Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but with a twist. According to the description, the video utilizes iClone Atomizer Technology(IAT). IAT is said to allow the frequency, pitch, and color intensity of the images to simulate the sense of smell–a scratch n’ sniff, if you will. But are students actually smelling something, or is this the power of suggestion? This is the question that member dpeel poses to viewers!

Teen Millionaires

Uploaded by Bkavass

Member Bkavass shares this video that originally appeared on Fox’s Morning Show and tells the inspiring story of teenage millionaires.

Start Going Places: Pursuing an Accounting Ph.D. – Bruce Behn, CPA

Uploaded by Startheregoplaces

This inspiring and enlightening interview features Bruce Behn, CPA, PhD, a professor of business at the University of Tennessee offers some valuable advice about pursuing a PhD.

Using Connectors in ActivInspire on your Promethean Board

Uploaded by Springboardmediaed

Two cool ideas of how to set up engaging lessons with connectors in ActivInspire on your Promethean board!

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