Europe’s #1 Online Tech Educator CareerFoundry Partners With TeacherTube

November 17th, 2014 | by TeacherTube
Europe’s #1 Online Tech Educator CareerFoundry Partners With TeacherTube

We are excited to introduce you to CareerFoundry! See press release below for more information or go to – The TeacherTube Team


Press Release

Europe’s #1 Online Tech Educator CareerFoundry Partners With TeacherTube To Revolutionize Tech Education With New Drive To Get Teachers Worldwide Learning How To Code


Training The Next Generation Of Programmers Using Unique Online Courseware


Berlin, November 17th 2014: Europe’s number one online tech educator, CareerFoundry, has teamed up with TeacherTube, a content sharing teaching community, to bring programming to the forefront of schools in the US. Using unique, online courseware and a mentor-driven curriculum, teachers from every state will be trained up in coding languages, ready to pass on to their students: the world’s next generation of programmers.


“As Europe’s go-to company for tech skills, CareerFoundry were the obvious choice for us when we began thinking about rolling out a program that got teachers and students coding. Technology is the future, and we need to start preparing our young people for that now. Together CareerFoundry and TeacherTube are helping schools embrace that. ” said Adam Smith, Co-Founder TeacherTube.


Headed up by CareerFoundry’s new director, renowned edtech specialist and former head of Apple Education, Alan Greenberg, the program will work to change how coding is perceived and taught on a global scale. TeacherTube and CareerFoundry will be working together to deliver this in-demand product to schools across the US, by doing so increasing the future employability and earning power of students growing up into an increasingly digital future.


CareerFoundry is the world’s first online career accelerator for vocational tech skills. Its Teaching Teachers To Code program provides teachers with the tools they need to pass on real-word tech skills to their students, securing their future employability in technology. With weekly Skype chats between mentors and school teachers, accessible courseware written by web development professionals and regular feedback for each and every assignment, CareerFoundry courses enable teachers to become confident in technology, ready to train up the next generation of programmers.


TeacherTube provides a community of teachers and learners to share and grow in knowledge and experience. The company envisions an all-in-one educational networked community consisting of virtual classrooms for both student learning and every teacher’s professional growth.


For direct inquiries about CareerFoundry  and its programs, please contact:
Alan Greenberg, Director

+44 7802 243130



For direct inquiries about TeacherTube and its community, please contact:

Adam Smith, CEO

+1 650 605 3712

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