Room for Growth: Educators and Video

October 30th, 2014 | by Michelle Manno
The following article is a guest post by Stephanie Echeveste

USC Rossier 2014 Technology and Professional Development Survey

USC Rossier’s online master of arts in teaching program recently released the results of their 2014 Technology and Professional Development Survey. As community manager, I lead the experiment and thought I’d share one result that’s particularly relevant to the TeacherTube community.

Ask a fellow teacher!

Over a third of survey respondents have basic knowledge in video and video editing, 15% of respondents need major support in this area and 21% report that they could mentor someone in this skill. This is awesome! While many educators may need support in using video and editing video, there are many educators that can help you. Try reaching out at your school and you’ll probably find someone that can help you out in this skill set.

Reach out

If you are one of those people that could mentor someone else in video creation and video editing, let others at your school know. Who knows, maybe you’ll be teaching at the next faculty meeting! Share what you know with your colleagues to help inspire others to try new things in their classrooms.

Interested in reading the full results? Check out EdSurge for their coverage and tweet to us @USCTeacher.

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