TeacherTube Book Discussion | Seth Godin – What is school for?

TeacherTube Book Discussion | Seth Godin – What is school for?

February 19th, 2014

Seth Godin


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 Here are Topics to Consider:

1.  Seth says: “Large-scale education was not developed to motivate kids or to create scholars. It was invented to churn out adults who worked well within the system. Scale was more important than quality, just as it was for most industrialists.” 

Is Seth right?  Or is he missing something?

2. The book points out: “…one study found that 58 percent of all Americans never read for pleasure after they graduate from school).”

Has our test taking culture removed the fun from learning? 

3. Has the cost of a higher education become unrealistic? Should we harness the connected economy to help everyone get the education they want, no matter what socioeconomic situation they were born into? 

4. Stop Stealing Dreams reads: “Group projects are the exception in school, but they should be the norm.”

In our digital world, where information is so easily accessible, should it be “open note, open book,” all the time? 

5. Seth states: “The dreams we need are self-reliant dreams. We need dreams based not on what is but on what might be. We need students who can learn how to learn, who can discover how to push themselves and are generous enough and honest enough to engage with the outside world to make those dreams happen.”

Is school teaching kids how to push themselves and create dreams?

6.  Seth makes a great point: “We can amplify each kid’s natural inclination to dream, we can inculcate passion in a new generation, and we can give kids the tools to learn more, and faster, in a way that’s never been seen before.”

What ideas do you have, leveraging the technology available to us today, to help this happen?

7. Are you, as a teacher, teaching want you want to teach?  Or what you are told to teach?

8. Are teacher evaluations killing our abilities to teach more creatively and efficiently?

9. Do you think great performance in school leads to happiness and success? 

10.  Seth says: “What is school for? If you’re not asking that, you’re wasting time and money.”

As a teacher or a parent, do you feel like you have the forum to truly debate this critical question? 


What is school for? by Seth Godin

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